The ICT tools for Animals are new line of hardware and software solutions designed to monitor autonomic nervous system activity. Specifically, the system is able to acquire simultaneously cardiac, respiratory and physical activity of animals for several hours; to store it locally, and to stream the acquired data forward to a portable electronics (e.g. a smartphone or a table or a laptop etc.). 

Actually, the system is tested on two kind animals, horses and dogs.  

The hardware solution is completely based on a textile platform which make it comfortable, washable and re-usable. 

 The software platform is split in several modules starting form the app dedicated to control the acquisition and followed by several signal-processing modules that allow for a customizable dedicated results both clinical or for research purposes. 

Currently the software/hardware platform is being used in a quantitative estimation of human-animal dynamic interaction. 


The rationale behind the research activity is the investigation of the interaction of two complex biological systems that go towards a coupling process, whose dynamical evolution is modulated by the kind and time duration of the interaction itself. 

Preliminary results show encouraging congruent and consistent statistical significant outcomes, allowing a discrimination of three distinct phases of real human-animal interaction and therefore opening to the characterisation of the empirically proven relationship between human and horse.