Animals have always been an integral part of human activities, constituting a valid contribution in various working sectors, in competitive sports or as psychological support in modern pet therapy.

Taking the horse as an example, even though we are sometimes convinced that we know it thoroughly, often the choice of which individual to employ in certain situations is taken on the basis of imprecise intuitions consisting of subjective experiences which, being able to fail, expose the animal and the associated activity to important risks.

Through the use of modern wearable technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms, it is now possible to identify the state of well-being of the horse in real time, making possible a better synergy between man and animal in order to optimize professional and sporting choices.



We provide objective parameters to support a decision on the use of the animal.


We protect the psychological health of the horse.


We reduce the risks associated with the employment of individuals with a state of well-being that is not congruous with the activity.


We make the collaboration between humans and animals safer.

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