In modern sport, coaches, sports technicians and sports doctors increasingly work in synergy with new technologies to monitor the performance of athletes and the team during training and competitions.

A system that collects and analyzes physiological data in real time that can also take into consideration the psychological aspects of athletes can offer an effective solution to maximize sports performance but also reduce dropout phenomena and the probability of injury.

The physical and mental stress of the worker can damage departments, processes and machinery, generating high costs.
The use of algorithms for analyzing data acquired from wearable devices to ensure the well-being of operators can promote better synergy between people
and machines, reducing accidents and downtime.



We care about the athlete's psycho-physical balance.


we provide support for increased productivity in training and competition.


We propose an upgrade to the sports shop floors by introducing objective measurements on the psycho-physical states of the athlete and the group.


We reduce the risk of unexpected events related to injuries due to overtraining and workloads that are not compatible with the athlete's emotional state.

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    Feel-ING is a new start-up specialized in developing and
    implementing innovative Information and Communication Technology
    solutions for the optimization of the psychophysical performance and the promotion of wellbeing and mental health.


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