Logistics and transport

The era of logistics 5.0 has ushered in a perspective that places workers at the center of the process, recognizing their value as a driver of innovation, efficiency and business success.

The use of systems for monitoring the physical and mental fatigue of professionals, from pickers to hauliers to couriers, allows to reduce costs, errors and times, thus paving the way towards a better logistics industry with a lower ecological and social impact.



We offer the worker an objective indication of the state of physical and psychological fatigue.


We support efficiency by offering KPIs based on worker well-being.


We provide a cross-cutting risk assessment tool.


We connect the worker and the company to protect corporate welfare.

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    Feel-ING is a new start-up specialized in developing and
    implementing innovative Information and Communication Technology
    solutions for the optimization of the psychophysical performance and the promotion of wellbeing and mental health.


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