Technological progress is also permeated in the videogames sector: thanks to tools such as virtual reality, augmented reality, breathtaking graphics enabled by unprecedented computational capabilities in a compact volume, the videogame experience is becoming increasingly immersive and engaging.

We are ready to unlock the next level through an interface to recognize emotions during gaming and make it the most adrenaline-pumping horror, the most dynamic and complex adventure, the most accurate serious game ever. We aim to achieve a new paradigm of gaming experience, more personalized and engaging than it is today.



We propose a new level of immersion in the gaming sector.


We make gaming a personal and intimate experience.


We create a connection on a higher level between the gamer and the video game.


We integrate the gamer by making him a participant in a dynamic experience.

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    Feel-ING is a new start-up specialized in developing and
    implementing innovative Information and Communication Technology
    solutions for the optimization of the psychophysical performance and the promotion of wellbeing and mental health.


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