Well-being at work/ Worker 4.0

Our product offers a solution to protect the employee and the whole team through minimally invasive wearable devices, providing KPIs centered on personal and collective well-being that elevate the worker towards a 4.0 Operator.

Optimization of sports performance

Through minimally invasive wearable devices and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms emotional we collect and analyze the emotional states of the individual athlete and/or the team in a simple and easy to use interface to reduce their negative impact on sports performance.

UX Validation

Our emotional artificial intelligence algorithmcombined with the use of non-bulky wearable devices it is able to analyze the experience from a more visceral , studying the real-time variations of the emotional states of the Beta Tester safely and accurately. With our objective data, not only will it be easier to identify the critical points of the experience by reducing costs and production times, but you will have the potential to further transform your product or service into the best experience that the customer could wish for.


The power of our artificial intelligence algorithms emotionalmakes possible the connection between the emotions of the gamer and the video game by unlocking a new level of engagement, generating a new, personalized and extremely engaging experience.

Animal welfare

The well-being of animals also passes through the knowledge of their emotional states. By adopting specific wearables in combination with our AI model Emotionalpossible to evaluate the state of well-being of the animal in order to create a more intimate harmony with it. 

For example, in the context of horse racing competitions, this allows you to improve performance and at the same time protect the well-being of the horse.

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