Research and development

One of the fundamental pillars of Feel-ING is research and continuous scientific development in the field of bioengineering and artificial intelligence.

Every day we strengthen this cornerstone and transfer the fruits of our team’s research towards new solutions and products to improve the well-being of people and animals and to make emotions a great accessible resource.

Feel-ING was born from a top-level academic reality such as the University of Pisa which accredits it as a university spin-off.

We participate and have participated in regional and European projects and we support new enthusiastic young people who want to explore this world through scholarships and doctoral projects.

We invite you to explore the R&D portal to find out more about our focus areas, current projects and our latest discoveries. We are excited to share our achievements with you and to partner with you to create a better future through innovation.

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    Dimostra di essere umano selezionando albero.

    Feel-ING is a new start-up specialized in developing and
    implementing innovative Information and Communication Technology
    solutions for the optimization of the psychophysical performance and the promotion of wellbeing and mental health.


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